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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Connecticut Open second-round scores

(At Brooklawn CC)
Second round
Frank Bensel (Danbury), 68-68-136
a-Dave Szewczul (Tunxis Plantation CC), 71-67-138
Jack McConachie (Pine Valley CC), 69-69-138
Dan Balin (Burning Tree CC), 70-69-139
Jason Caron (Greenwich) 73-67-140
a-Brian Murphy (Brooklawn CC), 69-71-140
Matt Dziubina (Race Brook CC), 72-69-141
Jerry Courville Jr. (Shorehaven GC), 71-70-141
Brian Lamberti (Danbury), 71-70-141
a-Tom McCarthy (Twin Hills CC), 70-71-141
Evan Beirne (New Haven CC), 68-73-141
a-Brian Ahern (Wampanoag CC), 74-68-142
a-Jason Thresher (Crestview CC), 74-68-142
Bobby Gage (Candlewood Valley CC), 72-70-142
Jim St. Pierre (Redding CC), 71-71-142
Matt Torrance (Lake of Isles GC), 71-71-142
a-Dave Pastore (E-club of Fairfield), 66-76-142
Andrew Gruss (Wee Burn CC), 75-68-143
Kyle Gallo (Kensington), 74-69-143
Steve Sokol (Orange Hills CC), 74-69-143
a-Kevin Josephson (Stanley GC), 72-71-143
Jim Fitzpatrick (Course at Yale), 71-72-143
Kyle Bilodeau (Hartford GC), 70-73-143
Pat Kozelka (Connecticut National GC), 74-70-144
a-Branden Chicorka (River Valley CC), 73-71-144
a-Ryan Leahey (Orange Hills CC), 75-70-145
Mike Ballo Jr. (Woodway CC), 74-71-145
a-Sam Bernstein (Course at Yale), 74-71-145
Guy Antonacci (TPC River Highlands), 74-71-145
a-Monte Mullen (CC of Farmington), 73-72-145
a-Nick Torrance (Lake of Isles), 71-74-145
Kevin Giancola (Golf Quest), 71-74-145
Reed Howard (Greenwich), 71-74-145
Brent Paladino (New Haven CC), 78-68-146
John Deigan (Fairfield), 77-69-146
Ray Ford (Rolling Hills CC), 74-72-146
a-Jeff Hedden (Black Hall Club), 72-74-146
Andrew Broderick (Middlefield), 71-75-146
Ian Marshall (Watertown GC), 76-71-147
a-Matt Smith (Quinnatisset CC), 75-72-147
a-Ben Day (New Haven CC), 75-72-147
a-Robert Barnes (Course at Yale), 74-73-147
Fran Marrello (Canaan CC), 73-74-147
a-Brian Hughes (River Valley CC), 72-75-147
a-Rudy Hermstadt (East Mountain GC), 71-76-147.
a-denotes amateur


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