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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ace at Laurel View CC - on a par-4!

Yes it can happen, an ace on a par-4 hole. I've written about a few of them over the years.

It happened this past week on the 10th hole at Laurel View Country Club in Hamden. It is a downhill, 330-yard hole dogleg right where if you cut the ball perfectly over the trees, you can get it on the green. Of course, you are not thinking you will hole it.

But Ed Strong did, using a driver. He was playing with Ian Williams and Tony Celone.

Two summers ago, I wrote about Dennis Dammling also making an ace on the 10th hole, also using a driver.

I've given it a rip myself in a couple of scrambles. I have cleared the trees, but have never reachd the green. Normally, I'm in the woods - somewhere I believe a lot of golfers often end up on this risk-reward hole.


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