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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Travelers makes pitch to ever golfer

 Phil Mickelson (above) won the old Greater Hartford Open in 2001 and 2002. He hasn't been to TPC River Highlands since 2003, but Travelers hasn't stopped in trying to get him to return.

 CROMWELL — Travelers Championship tournament director Nathan Grube vividly recalls a conversation he had years ago with several people, including a pro golfer he declined to name.

The question was posed to the golfer: “Why don’t you ever go play so-and-so’s tournament?” His reply: “Because nobody ever asked me to go.”

Golfers are asked constantly by tournament directors and sponsors to come play their specific event. It happens every single week on tour. But for golfers not to be asked at all?

“Those words burn in my head,” Grube said. “There will never be a player on tour that has said that we haven’t asked them (to come to the Travelers Championship).”

Check out some of the golfers Travelers has spoken to, some that have committed and more on the Palmer Cup and Billy Casper coming to Connecticut!


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