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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Derby to the NVL?

Maybe it will finally happen. Derby will be in the conference it truly belongs in.

The NVL certainly thinks so. The league accepted the Red Raiders with open arms, along with St. Paul, into their 12-team league. Derby is most concerned about football, and the smallest school in the SCC will benefit from the change.

Of course, there remains one last stumbling block: approval by a special committee of some sort to stay or go. There should be no debate. I'm sure there are coaches at derby who want to remain in the SCC. In wrestling, Derby certainly loses out because most of the NVL schools don't have wrestling. They will have to follow the Seymour model and schedule more non-league foes.

They may not benefit against the tough Waterbury schools in basketball, but Derby really is not in the SCC for basketball. Most of their schedule is against non-conference teams. And we saw this past fall how tough it is for them to compete in soccer.

I thought it was a good move to go in 2002 when they were turned down by the NVL. It still is for travel reasons, for competitive reasons and probably a lot of other reasons you can think of.

And, to the joy of coaches, fans and media alike, if both teams join for the 2009-10 school year, it looks like the NVL will finally relent and schedule non-conference games. It would be one game in football, basketball, baseball and softball outside the league.

So Derby can keep playing Shelton and football. Maybe Crosby can play Hillhouse or Trinity Catholic in boys' basketball. Maybe Holy Cross can schedule Career in girls' basketball. How about Seymour vs. Amity in softball or baseball?

The NVL voting each time to schedule just league games, including a year when they had an 11th game in football, was a complete travesty. There's just no other way to put it.

And it took a school without a home for next year for this to occur. The Northwest Conference is disbanding as eight of the teams will join the CCC in 2009-10. So the NVL wants to accept two schools to have one team in each of its divisions. Derby serves as a perfect dance partner in every way that matters.

Let's hope those with votes on Monday feel the same way.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let Derby in...they'll never be the best Red Raiders in the conference...Torrington owns that distinction

December 23, 2008 at 4:10 AM 

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