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Monday, April 9, 2007

Which conference is best?

This debate has gone on for years in every single major high school sport. Each coach normally feels the conference he coaches in is the best.
In baseball, at least in recent years, it usually comes down to two: the SCC vs. the ECC. The FCIAC, CCC, SWC and NWC are always competitive and in the argument, but it usually comes down to these two and it usually comes down to state championships.

Two years ago, Fitch no-hit Amity in the Class LL championship game. But the Spartans returned to the finals last year and beat Bristol Central for their first state title in school history. Fitch was No. 1 in 2005 and Amity was last year.
Of course, there's always controversy. Montville was our No. 1 team in the poll heading into the state tournament last year and did nothing to fall back. Montville won its first state title in the Class M division, beating Bacon Academy. And Montville also won the ECC championship in May and finished at 24-2. But Amity finished 25-2 and earned the nod of 11 of the 15 voters for winning Class LL.
Don't forget Sheehan-Wallingford has won two Class M titles this decade and lost in a third attempt two years ago. That was against Waterford, which won its ninth state championship.
In this year's preseason poll, Waterford and Fitch are No. 2 and 3 behind Amity. Two of the Spartans' SCC Housatonic rivals, Shelton and Cheshire, stand at No. 7 and 9, respectively, sparking off at least some controversy with Wilbur Cross beating Cheshire on Saturday.
So the question still remains: which conference is better, the SCC or the ECC? And is Fitch's Matt Harvey going to have a better season than Amity's Max Russell. We'd like to hear from you. But as we all know, nothing will be decided until June.